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Join Sheryl, Bhawanjit Brar, and Lori Arakaki for...

Funding: Pitches with Feedback (2022 Pitch Session)
Day 1, Room #2708
3:30 - 5:00 PM


"Ask an NIH Awardee"
Day 2, Room #2708
12:00 - 12:45 PM


A 2022 Pitch Participant

Blue Marble is a team of experienced clinical researchers, software designers, and software platform developers who have created a remote therapeutic monitoring and analytics platform for chronic disease and wellness. Blue Marble's suite of products includes evidence-based digital assessments, education and exercises upper and lower extremity strengthening, balance, coordination and aerobic/cardio exercises.

Patients, clients, and research participants or volunteers can access these gamified Blue Marble products through downloadable apps at home, at outpatient clinics, and/or inpatient rehab programs or community-based organizations. Administrators, clinicians and researchers access the Blue Marble web-app portal to design and assign health & wellness and rehabilitative programs with specific assessments exercises and educational lessons personalized to each client. They also use the portal's built-in dashboard and reports to monitor the health and progress of their panel.

Additionally, administrators can easily setup which users have access to the various products' content, panel management capabilities, and reports.