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Break the Bias: Women, Funding & Medical Innovation
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An innovator, Patti started Globiox eight years ago with the belief that her company could help other companies, through Quality, Compliance, IT and Regulatory consulting, to improve performance and combat their inefficiencies. Today, Globiox provides companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, IT, biotech, medical devices, and laboratories with consultative services that get them on the right track to regulatory and quality compliance and efficient computerized workflows.

 Under the leadership of Ms. Rossman, Globiox has provided a host of consultative services to US Companies from Coast to Coast and Internationally. Globiox’s team of experts, many with over 20 years of FDA regulated industries experience, work directly with their clients developing relationships based on providing professional services and expertise as well as building trust with their clients. 

Patti Rossman is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, and the Software Quality Institute in the Department of Engineering, University of Texas at Austin. She is a Certified Software Quality Engineer (ASQ). One of her current projects is spurring the conversation for gender diversity in the Life Science industry through the Life Science Women’s Conference.

Her progressive and visionary thinking compelled her to create the Life Science Women’s Conference, held annually in Tampa, Florida. “By every industry statistic and reality, women are woefully under-represented in the Life Sciences,” says Patti. “The Life Science Women’s Conference will encourage more women to make a long-term career in the Life Sciences and provide an environment where they will make those contacts essential for networking, mentorship and  career development."