Sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and attendees who value women will form the four pillars of support and education at the Life Science Women's Conference. All of this under one roof and available throughout the two days of the conference. Look no further, all will be in one place empowering you to discover various career opportunities and assisting in honing your skills as well as interfacing with industry leading vendors and networking with progressive organizations. By virtue of their level of support and participation they demonstrate their commitment to investing in the advancement of women, like yourself and colleagues, in the life sciences.

Admission includes access to all 50+ speakers, panelists, and workshops being held over the two day conference.

What will my employees learn by attending this conference?

The Life Science Women's Conference is a chance not only to show your employees how valued they are to your company but will provide them with information, skill sets, and confidence to bring back and share. Here is a list of a few reasons you should be sending your employees.

-Recent trends in FDA Approvals

-Data Integrity Compliance

-How to Counteract Harassment in the Workplace

-Updates on Life Science Products

-Negotiation tactics

-How to Successfully Become Management and How to Add Value to Their Company

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