The Life Science Conferences Media Relations team is pleased to invite qualified professional Press to register for the inaugural Life Science Women’s Conference that will take place August 8-9th in Austin, Texas.  Credentialed news media representatives and bloggers may register online for a complimentary badge and pick that badge up in the Press Center on-site.

To maintain quality news coverage and media representation, members of the news media need current, official credentials to enter the main exhibit hall and breakout sessions, special events, etc.

You must meet the following criteria and present acceptable identification on-site in the Press Center to obtain a press badge. It is advised that members of the Press and bloggers  pre-register for the conference.


  • You must have a currently active editorial role within a well-established news media outlet that publishes original content. Directories, advertisement and sales listings, distribution services and other non-news publications or websites are not eligible.
  • Advertising, public relations, publishers, marketing and sales representatives, and other non-editorial media outlet staff will not be granted press badges and must register through general registration and pay the fees. Similarly, non-credentialed companions of properly credentialed media representatives must pay registration fees via general registration.
  • Your news outlet or blog must regularly cover the life sciences, bio tech or related disciplines  and receive at least 1,000 unique visitors per month to be considered for Press credentials.
  • Consumer, specialty publications and  main stream media will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, forums, communities and users groups will not be considered for media accreditation.
  • Freelance writers and photographers must present a letter of assignment from an approved media outlet to be granted a press badge. Similarly, broadcast or online production company representatives must present a letter of assignment from an approved news media outlet.
  • Media outlet interns and student practitioners accompanying credentialed media representatives must show proof of employment.
  • Video crews must present a request for shoot schedule prior to the first day of the event.
  • Bloggers must meet certain criteria that is required by the event producers and will be considered on a case by case basis. Minimal standards are required in respect to unique subscribers and pre-event activity.

(Please be prepared to present at least one of the following):

  • Officially issued press credentials (by media outlet, government or other recognized issuer)
  • A business card with your name, editorial staff title and media outlet
  • A letter of assignment from editor/producer of an approved media outlet (photo copies not accepted)
  • The Life Science Conferences  staff reserves the right to deny press badges if credentials are insufficient or for any reason they may choose.

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