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About Teresa

Through Teresa's academic and consulting efforts she translatesthe interests of partners and stakeholders, across institutions and the community, into innovative research, outreach and educational initiatives that engage the Life Science and entrepreneurship communities. Teresahas her PhD in Neuroscience from UT Health San Antonio and several peer-reviewed publications including a recent publication in Nature Biotechnology on mental health in graduate education. Her passion is to empower the professionals and organizations that she works with to achieve their highest potential through communication and collaboration. She founded a career development office for scientists at UT Health San Antonio, a local science advocacy non-profit called SA Science and a technology business accelerator. Teresa was recently honored as one of San Antonio’s 40 under 40 for her body of work that promotes the life science pipeline in San Antonio and beyond.

About her Talk, "The Brain on Research"

This presentation will provide an overview of the national trends on Mental Health and how this is impacted by the pressures of the Academic and Life Science workplace environment. Data collected from an international study on Depression, Anxiety, and Burnout in graduate trainees will be highlighted. Discussion will focus on:
- Possible interventions
- The role of the mentor-mentee relationship
- The impact of career outlook

Facilitator for the Winstead "Time to Talk" Networking Event, "Leading Through Wellness"