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About Frandale

Frandale Johnson is the Principal Consultant for McCoy Consulting Group. Prior to founding McCoy, Frandale thrived in helping companies fully recognize their vision in the life science and medical device industries for well over 20 years. Through her work with Clarkston Consulting, Raytheon, and Parexel Consulting, she became recognized as an industry leader by providing quality, validation and regulatory subject matter expertise for top domestic and global life science organizations. Frandale is valued for developing industrious approaches to helping teams put quality first while increasing operational efficiency, managing change proactively, reducing business disruption and facilitating rapid return on new technology through proven best practice methodologies. She has a proven ability to identify and troubleshoot critical issues.

While participating in mentorship programs, Frandale has had the privilege of pursuing her personal passions of helping young women and teens realize their dream and potential. She gives back to the Houston community through her STEM GRL initiative which helps develop talents and fosters a supportive safe space for young people interested in careers in STEM. In addition, Frandale is an active member in the Houston American Society for Quality (ASQ) chapter, The Women’s Home which serves to strengthen women and support families as they reclaim their stability post abuse and substance recovery as well as many other organizations dedicated to serving women. Frandale holds a B.E. in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University.

About her Talk, A Career Choice: Life as a Consultant 

Join Frandale Johnson for a fun and frank presentation, where she explores life as a traveling consultant. Frandale will discuss everything from life "Up in the Air" to being "On the Road Again" each week. It's not for the faint at heart, but being a consultant is rewarding on many levels and she is happy to share not only her perspective but those of the many smart women consultants that she has met along the way.

Facilitator for the Winstead "Time to Talk" Networking Event, Finding Your Passion in Your Career

Are you contemplating a career shift because of long hours and mountains of paperwork? Do you see yourself as an influencer but sometimes your influence feels so small or non-existent? Do you daydream about work feeling like a hobby and not a job? If so, join in our discussion on how you can find the passion in your career.

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