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Dr. Luthy is an inventor, medical product developer and angel investor with over 25 years of experience in global translational research and new product development (NPD): biologicals, drugs and all classes of medical devices. She trained in medical product development at Alcon Laboratories (Novartis), the ophthalmic drug/device global leader, while scouting new technology and managing two portfolios of diverse R&D projects, including Upjohn/Pharmacia compounds. There she was taught to maximize value while minimizing risk using 'virtual' or 'lean' NPD methods.

Her product design group at Alcon: 1) co-developed the first-in-man human genetically-engineered biotechnology product for use in the general population, Provisc®, which put start-up Genzyme (Sanofi) on the map, 2) designed the BSS Plus® formulation/stability studies that won Japan approval for joint-venture partner, Santen Pharmaceuticals. Her most robust invention is the technology platform for the multi-billion dollar Opti-Free® product line, sold world-wide by Alcon/Novartis.

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Prior to Alcon, Dr. Luthy led immunoconjugate chemistry for venture capital-funded BioDiagnostics Inc. (CooperBiomedical, Technicon, Bayer). Since 1996 she has been product strategist at Medical Product Innovation (MPI), helping client companies and investors with the data-based decision making required to develop medical inventions into global manufactured products (GSK, Medtronics, Dow Chemical, NeoRx).

Dr. Luthy did her post-doctoral training in the Departments of Biochemistry and Pharmacology at UT Southwestern Medical School. Dr. Luthy holds a B.A. degree from Rice University and the Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University, both in Chemistry, and an MBA (strategy, finance, entrepreneurship) from SMU's Cox School of Business.

She tweets industry news and insights as MPDexpert.

About her Talk, “Been There, Built That: Developing Patent-Protected Products”

Session useful to ALL scientists & engineers: employees in large companies and startups, students, professors, inventors, entrepreneurs. A patent is a tool for reducing business risk for companies developing novel products requiring long and expensive processes. This talk addresses how to tell if you would enjoy New Product Development and how to advance in a research-based products company.

-How is New Product Development (NPD) different from Scientific Research?

-What is NPD, anyway?

-What is translational research?

-How to get noticed by R&D management.

-Why Leadership is critical to career success in research-based industries.

-What to outsource, when.

-When it is helpful to ‘go fast & break things.’

-What to do when you discover your assumptions are wrong.

This is a general talk on research-based NPD; the principles/tools apply to all industries. My examples are from manufactured medical products: biologicals, drugs and all classes of medical devices. You’ll learn about my experiences solving hard problems and discovering useful decision making processes, with successes and failures along the way.

No technical background required to join in this fun, interactive talk!

Contains specific book & blog recommendations.

Wednesday, August 8th, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM CT

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