Join Siobhan for her talk, "Unleash Your Own Authentic Leadership Strengths"!

In this workshop, you'll join us for a day of authentic strength discovery. Find out how you can discover your strengths through the "Gallup Strengths Finder" and how you can harness these strengths to step into your Authentic Leadership style to better negotiate, communicate, and lead.

Siobhan Ashmore, Director of Quality, Compliance & Regulatory, CAI - Commissioning Agents. Her International Pharmaceutical & Medical Device career spans over 25 years in Quality Compliance Leadership roles and Audit Consultant roles in companies like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

Siobhan supports clients in establishing the "Operational Excellence" model of robust Quality Management System's within their Organizations. She is passionate about the "People " aspect of Operational Excellence, which is key to every organization. Siobhan is a qualified Life coach and Gallup's Global Strengths Coach and mentors women in their Career Transitions.

Siobhan shares: "Do you really know what strengths you bring to the table? As Women, we often strive to enter Leadership roles by following a roadmap of previous "Male Leadership" successes. We strive to close the gaps on our weaknesses in order to achieve and maintain these positions. What if I told you, you could achieve more success, more energy, happiness, more motivation and also have better relationships with your teams by understanding what your strengths are?

We work in a field that has a "fixing" culture. We focus on the weaknesses of systems/processes/equipment in order to fix then. Unfortunately, we also tend to assess the "people" aspect in the same way. We measure people through performance reviews based on a review of what has not been achieved, with more credence given to the individual "weaknesses" that need to be improved. More money is spent on personnel development every year to close these weaknesses/gaps. The root causes of majority of Deviations/CAPA in organizations is "Human Error". It takes a lot of energy to "fix things" and minimize our weaknesses.

Have we really understood why this happening, is it lack of motivation, lack of love for the job. We spend more energy and valuable resources and time on "fixing" rather than harnessing strengths. What would happen if we were to focus on individual "Strengths"?

Come and discover your worth at my workshop. Understand how harnessing your strengths will allow you to: step into your own Authentic Power; help you negotiate better positions, remuneration; help you understand the importance of strengths in establishing successful teams; help you understand the individual team dynamics and how to engage these by being able to identify resolutions."