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Join Mary for her presentation, "Ethics & Telehealth in Women's Hormonal Health"!

Mary Kucek, PMP, is the founder and CEO of OvaryIt. With nearly a decade of experience in public health application development, Mary wanted to turn her attention to women's health after struggling with her own personal complications. She currently lives in Florida with her husband, Dr. Devin Bustin, their two dogs, chickens, and aquariums. Mary received her BS in Biology with a focus in Biochemistry and is fascinated by all things STEM. OvaryIt came about after Mary was personally impacted by receiving a prescription for the wrong category of hormonal contraceptive. Like many individuals, Mary never met the eligibility requirements to receive combined oral contraceptives. After her husband discovered Mary on the floor, she got the care she needed and began her life's mission.

While building OvaryIt, Mary was confronted with using the traditional telehealth business model or creating a more inclusive and innovative approach for patients to access care. Understanding the risks, Mary and Dr. Bustin decided to bootstrap the application to bring women safe and reliable access to contraceptive care.

Today, telehealth is faced with multiple ethical dilemmas which will shape the future of digital health. With many troublesome gaps existing in the US healthcare system, telehealth has become an opportunity to address and resolve some of the inequities in the system. At its best, telehealth can increase access to care for the underserved and underinsured while still creating an affordable and quality pathway to accessing healthcare. In this presentation, we will discuss if telehealth is currently living up to its expectations or if business models are getting in the way. Join the conversation as Mary Kucek, CEO of OvaryIt, discusses how telehealth can drive innovation while still navigating affordable access, data protection, and freedom of pharmacy laws.