A photo of Christine Ramsay, smiling brightly in an office space.,

Join Christine for her workshop, "Live Your Best Life: Your Holistic Approach to Well-Being"!

In order to live our best lives, prioritizing not only our physical well-being yet a holistic approach that incorporates our mental, emotional, and spiritual health is important. Explore these with guided meditations, journaling and coaching exercises, and simple actionable steps individuals can take to continue to thrive and experience joy and happiness.

Christine Ramsay (She/Her/Hers) is a first-generation Armenian-American whose life purpose is to create a more unified world where all humans feel seen, heard, valued, celebrated, and loved so that they may continue to thrive and ignite their unique talents.

Christine is a connector, storyteller, and cross-cultural inclusive leader whose superpower is empathy. She is passionate and experienced in accelerating organizational transformation through impactful change strategies in DEI, Employee Engagement and Experience, Leadership, Talent and Change Management to enable growth, innovation, and global impact. She is a Certified Professional Coach in Life and Leadership, Certified Coach in Brain Based Skills Neuroscience of Inclusion, Certified coach for Social and Emotional Intelligence (EI), and a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP). She is not only a passionate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion leader, she is a parent advocate for Gender inclusion, Autism, Neurodiversity and Mental Health/Well-Being.

She is an influential thought leader and voice for bringing Neurodiversity to the forefront and educating organizations, communities, and our global society on its importance. She brings her knowledge and passion around how to tap into the talent and perspectives of neurodivergent individuals because when leveraged can drive tremendous innovation and positive change within humanity. She is the Founder of Ignite Inclusion, LLC whose mission is to unlock the inner genius and superpowers of neurodivergent humans for the benefit of us all. Ignite Inclusion’s vision is to create an inclusive world where neurodivergent humans are seen, heard, valued, celebrated, and loved for seeing the world differently. A world where all neurodivergent humans continue to thrive and be empowered to reach their full potential.

Embracing neurodiversity and disrupting the mental health stigma with awareness, acceptance, and allyship can drive innovation and greater positive impact in our world. She serves as an intrapreneur working for Jazz Pharmaceuticals as a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion thought leader leading the global enterprise-wide DEI strategy for the organization. She serves as an Advisory Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board Member for YuGrow, a platform for women who want to break barriers, drive growth, and close the economic gender gap. In addition, she volunteer as an Autism Advocacy Ambassador for Pennsylvania for Autism Speaks, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with Autism.

She plays a critical role in helping Autism Speaks meet advocacy goals and works directly with Autism Speaks staff both in local and Washington DC offices to implement advocacy initiatives and is vital to the success of Autism Speaks’ advocacy efforts. She is also an active member and advocate of the United Nations of USA, a forum to voice support for U.S. engagement at the UN, with a current focus in making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a success.

A lifelong Philadelphian, Christine received her Bachelor’s in Marketing and International Business from Pennsylvania State University and finishing her master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Villanova University and a certification specializing in Inclusion and Diversity. She currently lives outside of Philadelphia with her spouse and two children. Christine enjoys spending time with family, traveling all over the world, Armenian line dancing, playing and teaching classical piano, storytelling, and meeting new people from all different backgrounds.