Imagine taking a break from your stressful job in that snow-covered city visit the beautiful, sunny  city of Tampa, FL. Imagine revitalizing yourself by engaging with, and learning from, some of the best and brightest women in the life sciences.

Imagine you're a graduate student in STEM, or a post-doc, successfully connecting with experts with diverse careers in the life sciences.

Imagine you're an HR professional who needs to meet qualified candidates, finding them at a central hub of talent and innovation in Tampa.

Imagine getting the update on hot topics from other experts in their respective fields, like pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, software as medical devices, vaccines, cell therapy, gene therapy, contact manufacturing, basic research, clinical research, and industries that support them.

Pave the way with us at this year's 3rd Annual Life Science Women's Conference. We're excited to say we have an outstanding lineup of workshops, talks, panels, and round-table discussions with even more in the works!

Our Funding and Investment Forum

featuring 'Best Practices Pitching to Angels, Private Equity BCS, and Consortia', 'Applying for Government SBIR and Other Grants', 'A Woman's Experience in Funding their Company,' 'Women's Experiences in Becoming Investors', 'Understanding Options for Funding your Company', 'Funding Pitches with Feedback' (applications open now), and more.

Our Career Conversations Forum

featuring a job seeker & employer round-table discussion, 'STEM Student Introduction to Careers', 'Career Challenges and Changes', 'Climbing the Ladder Without a PhD', 'Certifications for Career Growth', and more conversations lead by industry professionals.

Impactful Women and Their Work: Wisdom, Courage, & Leadership

Inspiring Women in STEM (Featuring Women of J&J)

Professional Development


in cell-based gene editing, cybersecurity, ethics in telehealth, intellectual property of innovations, business strategies, COVID-19 vaccines, new AI and machine learning, and more.

Time to Talks

featuring discussion topics like, 'What We've Learned this Past Year from Our Changed World', 'Mentoring', 'Soothing Our Souls in a Hectic World', 'Women of All Colors Working Together to Change Society', and more.


Unleashing Your Own Unique Leadership Strengths

Make your story the example with this workshop. Do you really know what strengths you
bring to the table? As women, we often follow a roadmap of previous male success when striving for leadership roles. We work to close the gaps on our weaknesses in order to achieve and maintain these positions. Instead, achieve more success, energy, happiness, motivation, and strengthen your relationships with your teams, by capitalizing on your strengths.

Holistic Approaches to Well-Being

Ignite your innate talent and thrive through certified coaching exercises, clear steps, journaling, and other holistic approaches to well-being. This workshop is lead by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion thought leader for Jazz Pharmaceuticals Christine Ramsay, CDP (Certified Diversity Professional).

& more.