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Imagine that you could leave your stressful job in that snow-covered city for a few days in February, come to the beautiful, sunny  city of Tampa, FL, and revitalize yourself by engaging with and learning from some of the best and brightest women in the life sciences.

Imagine that when you talk, others listen intently and enter into important conversations that give you new ideas and motivation.

Imagine that you are a graduate student in STEM or a post-doc and you could talk to and ask questions of those who have diverse careers in life sciences that might interest you.

 Imagine that you are an HR professional at a life science company who needs to meet qualified candidates and you find them in Tampa!

Imagine that you have been so busy doing your job that you have not had time to stay updated on other scientific and technology advances in life sciences, but you could come to an event where you can get updates on hot topics from experts in those fields.

Imagine that you are an innovator with a great idea and can talk to folks who can help you get funding for that idea.

This is exactly the environment and experience  that you will find at Life Science Women’s Conference.

At the last Life Science Women’s Conference, people did not want to leave at the end of the final day. Conversations spilled out into the halls of the convention center, and people rushed to get one last visit to the exhibitors. It was truly an atmosphere that we have never seen before in our many years of attending conferences. This phenomenon validated our belief that women need this conference, and the value that they derive from it is unparalleled.

We invite ALL to come and be a part of the growing community that is Life Science Women’s Conference. Unlike other conferences, you will not leave exhausted, but invigorated!

The Life Science Women's Conference, co-founded by Patti Rossman and Steve Fiske, is an unparalleled opportunity for women to accelerate their careers in the life science field through mentoring, networking, and education. As president of the life sciences consulting firm, Globiox, headquartered in Austin, Texas, Patti knows the importance of women taking leadership roles in life sciences, thus creating the concept behind The Life Science Women's Conference.

Mentorship, networking, and education are fundamentals to climbing any career ladder and the tools acquired at this event are specifically structured for women seeking advancement. The speakers program is designed to greatly contribute to educational and professional development. Our lineup of presenters will include some of the best and brightest in their distinct field of expertise. These powerful women will be focusing on women's enlightenment, career development, leadership role, networking, mentorship, and empowerment.

The conference will span two days (Feb. 19th & 20th, 2020) at the Tampa Bay Convention Center, located on the water in Tampa, Florida.


2020 Life Science Women's Conference Schedule.

Schedule is subject to change

2020 LSWC Conference Tracks

  • NEW FOR 2020! Investment & Funding Forum

New for 2020 by popular demand from prior attendees! Meet people who can help your new company grow by providing needed capital. Venture capitalists, angel investors, family offices and sources of funding in government will be on hand to listen to pitches by startup companies looking for funding. Learn more about the 2020 Funding Forum here.

  • Inspiration from Wonder Women

Hear from accomplished women who will inspire others to follow in their footsteps and take Life Sciences to the next level. Networking with these leaders and perhaps even find a mentor.

  • Career Conversation Forum

Enhanced for 2020! Learn about career strategies and career paths taken by women working in Life Sciences - the successes and the failures. Discuss specific challenges that women face in professional careers and how to overcome them. Hear from Life Science companies about their unique programs for women.

  • Entrepreneurship

Have an idea for a new product or service? Learn how to start and grow a company, including structuring it, licensing products, and protecting your intellectual property.

  • Professional Development

Mini workshops (1-2 hours per workshop) and speakers will provide attendees with tools such as negotiation, mentoring, networking, communication and  many more to assist them in continually developing professionally.

  • Life Science and Technology Updates

What would a Life Science Conference be without science and where would science be without technology? Receive updated on topics such as gene therapy, innovations in clinical research, advances in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, stem cells, artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain, regulatory guidelines, and more!

  • Time-to-Talk, Focused Networking Events

A conference favorite with attendees and vendors alike. Round table discussions on current topics of interest to women working in life sciences. Learn more about your fellow attendees and network with experts and speakers.


Explore more about the 2020 Life Science Women's Conference in Tampa, FL:


What people said about the 2018 Life Science Women's Conference:

"Great event! Met some very cool women in Life Sciences and learned alot. Looking forward to the next year!"


Kate Leith

VP Training and Education at Oriel STAT-O-MATRIX

"Congratulations on the success of the first Life Science Women's Conference in Austin earlier this month. It was a very well organized event!"

Savi Mittal

Senior Manager at Ernst and Young

"Had a wonderful time yesterday facilitating three discussion sessions on the important and somewhat sensitive topics! Met many wonderful women in science &  valuable learning from their experiences! Thanks Life Science Women's Conference for this opportunity!"


Tanya Sabharwal

PhD, Research associate at Texas Crop Science/Research Scientist at The University of Texas Austin